1. Aloo Bonda

    Aloo Bonda

    $ 6.99

    Balls of mashed and spiced potatoes dipped in batter and deep fried

  2. Bonda

    Mysore bonda

    $ 6.99

    Fried dumplings made with flour, yogurt and house spices

  3. Punugulu


    $ 5.99

    Deep fried Andhra snack made with rice, urad dal and house spices served with chutney

  4. Samosa


    $ 4.99

    Deep fried, triangular shaped pastry stuffed with mixture of spiced potatoes & peas

  5. Gobi Pakora

    Gobi Pakoda

    $ 6.99

    Small pieces of cauliflower battered in delicious spices and deep fried

  6. Mirchi Bajji

    Andhra Mirapakaya Bajji

    $ 6.99

    Deep fried stuffed peppers coated with chick peas flour, deep fried, sprinkled with diced onions, chilly powder and lemon